Cloud Automation

Up-scale security while reducing costs

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No expensive infrastructure

Just integrate into a webeyeCMS enabled sensor activated security system.

No software required

All the amazing stuff sits on the cloud where our 24/7/365 support team ensure that webeye is available 100% of the time.

No dedicated receiving equipment

Notifications are received on your own computer or mobile device.

Full audit trail

webeyeCMS keeps a record of any alarm alert. Your alarm history is accessed via a browser or cell phone. Tells you when an alarm was sent but also who viewed it.

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Dip into the details

webeyeCMS recognizes the critical importance of alarm delivery

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The unique cloud system is designed to make sure you are informed if an alarm is triggered - invaluable if you are responsible for security or people's safety! - If you need to know, you need webeyeCMS. It is an intelligent system that automatically handles and processes alarms via the cloud then delivers alerts and/or short videos directly to your own, or to any number of guards or colleagues mobile devices or computers.

Best-in-class lone worker protection

Life saving functions

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In an emergency your staff or guards can get a message out with the webeyeSOS function and their location will be tracked. It can also request your staff 'check-in' when arriving at their destination and it has a 'man-down' feature that lets you know if they appear stationary for a worrying amount of time. The optional 'Track-me' management function allows you to track and verify workers movements.

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Our customers know


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Industry leading integration

Videofied and webeye

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Videofied is the world leader in wireless, self-powered security solutions for commercial, residential and government customers. All system components operate on batteries, allowing for completely wireless video security – ideal for remote and harsh environments. The video verification enabled by Videofied combined with webeyeCMS’s unique escalation process offer an efficient and cost-effective solution to avoid false alarms and unnecessary dispatch.

Videofied outdoor motion viewer
Avigilon H4 camera

Industry leading integration

webeye and Avigilon Control Center

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Avigilon is the leading manufacturer of end-to-end security solutions. Avigilon’s machine learning video analytics, HD video and high-resolution cameras combined with webeyeCMS's secure and dependable alarm delivery and live streaming makes an ideal business solution for school campuses, transportation systems, healthcare centers, public venues, critical infrastructure, prisons, factories, casinos, airports, financial institutions, government facilities, and retailers.

Industry leading integration

OCULi wireless PIR camera with webeye

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Easily deployable 3G rapid visual verification system integrated with secure alarm delivery. OCULi is a battery powered wireless PIR motion sensor with integrated colour day/night camera and infrared illuminator, ideal for remote locations. It provides rapid video verification of an alarm event using the award winning webeyeCMS cloud based platform directly to your cell phone or browser. The webeye browser and mobile app provide an easy way to set up, monitor and control the detectors.

OCULi wireless PIR camera


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